Damn Daniel Remix - #DamnDanielRemix

Welcome to DamnDanielRemix.com. These are the most popular remixes for #DamnDanielRemix and from the #DamnDaniel Twitter viral video. Listen to this Damn Daniel Remix by Bombs Away and the other Damn Daniel Remixes and jam back at again with the white vans!

Damn Daniel Remix - The #DamnDanielRemix

Damn Daniel! Back it again with the white vans... and remixes! This is the video for the Damn Daniel Remix from the Damn Daniel video. If you haven't seen the original #DamnDaniel viral video you're missing out, check it out below. #DamnDanielRemix Twitter and and #DamnDanilRemix Facebook trends and hashtags have been going nuts, be the first to share the hot new remix!

The Damn Daniel Remix

It was only a matter of time until the Internet took the Damn Daniel video and added a new twist. In this case it comes in the form of a track almost as catchy as the original vid. The most popular club rager remix is by electronic music sensation and Internet EDM hero Bombs Away. If you're looking to get your own remix on do not miss the free download on the Damn Daniel Soundcloud. Damn Bombs Away, back at it again with the right jams!

Damn Daniel! Back At It Again With The White Vans!

The original Damn Daniel video was a Vine that went megaviral overnight featuring Twitter sensation Josh Holz filming his friend Daniel Lara looking fresh in new, white Vans. The #DamnDaniel hashtag blew up the Twitter accounts when the Vine video was posted online. Since then the two have become Internet celebrities. The original vid was removed from YouTube when Josh's accounts were hacked but this is the full official Damn Damn Daniel video on YouTube.

Get Back At It Again With Your Own Damn Daniel White Vans! Thirsty!

More Damn Daniel Remixes

Since the release of the original #DamnDanielRemix there have been many more Damn Daniel Remixes put up on YouTube. Here is a list of all the Damn Daniel Remixes across a tone of music genres. There is a trap remix, a Melbourne bounce remix, a dubstep Damn Daniel remix, and even a Damn Daniel rap remix!

Damn Daniel Bounce Remix

This is another insanely popular #DamnDanielRemix, this one is brought you by Foreign Warren of The Knuckledusters and is an uptempo bounce remix without the pumping synths and big house sound of the club rager remix.

Damn Daniel Trap Remix

The most viral of all the trap remixes out there is this bass filled trap remix by notorious trap master and dirty bass freak PRXZM

Damn Daniel Rap Remix

The best rap version of the #DamnDanielRemix is awesome, its not just a remix but a full original track released by Rag King Music featuring Little Feat Teej and LeBlanc

Damn Daniel Dubstep Remix

The current most outstanding dubstep release of a Damn Daniel Remix viral senstion is by the popular YouTube dubstep artist Rameses B